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Demand for sustainable foods and beverages has continued to grow – but many consumers don’t know what the various claims mean, according to market research organization Mintel.

Mintel has tracked the launch of more than 13,000 new products making sustainability claims since 2005 in response to increased consumer demand via its Global New Products Database. According to Mintel figures, 84 percent of consumers say they actively seek out sustainability claims on food and drink.

Senior analyst at Mintel David Browne said: "Packaging claims such as 'recyclable' or 'eco- or environmentally friendly' are fairly well known to consumers, but sustainable product claims such as 'solar/wind energy usage' or 'Fair Trade' have yet to enter the mainstream consumer consciousness. They may have heard of the terms, but they'd be hard-pressed to define them."

So - what does sustainable mean?

Source: FoodNavigatorUSA.com

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