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An organisation joining 5p4f has an opportunity to rip off the system. Until such time as its donations are confirmed (see my suggestion on "auditing" in the Financials forum) it can under report/donate. Therefore we propose the following:

- Until such time as the organisation has shown (via "auditing") one full year of honest compliance, it may only use a "probationary" version of the 5p4f logo

The aim of this is to force organisations to take the system as a serious long term investment. If they aren't prepared to accept a probationary period (as organic producers had to do in the past) then you can rightly question their motivations.

It also lets consumers see that an organisation is a new comer


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I totally agree with this concept.
Thanks Clay. I suggest that as we agree on issues that we add them to a charter document of some sort. I have started an informal "note" document and will add anything we collect to it. I can post the results once we have accumulated a useful amount.



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