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Hi All,
A huge and potentially great development: congratulations to everyone and if I can help in any way please feel free to ask.
As you may know I am a newcomer to this chocolate thing and my question is this:

- How does Mr/Ms Average find out who the companies are supporting this initiative?

I write this partly because of my own experience - I have tried to find a way of buying beans from as close to the farmers as I can get. The Fairtrade website is all geared the other way and seems to ignore the consumer altogether. It seems a wasted opportunity because people do buy Fairtrade - that is the point of the whole thing. Maybe there is a way to find out - I guess there must be - but it must be for those in the know or those who accidentally trip over it. Or for people with better search questions than those I dream up! All I find are retailers selling me stuff, not the people in the middle - another step in the way.
I suspect I might just not have been trying hard enough but if I have given up for sure others will have too and it as an opportunity (ie someone with money actively trying to spend it) missed each time.


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Very good question and one that I believe deserves its own discussion category - Marketing the Message. So I am creating one and making this discussion the first entry in that category.

:: Clay


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