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In recent times on The Chocolate Life and in direct discussions, Sam and I have experienced what happens when people, who are clearly taking advantage of consumers, get caught and publicly exposed. One day, someone will take advantage of 5p4f and be caught out. When that happens the organisation must have a strong means of dealing with them that protects it from legal threats.

Therefore I propose the following:

- Every organisation joining 5p4f agrees to the following terms and conditions: If they fail to comply with the 5p4f "auditing" requirements, they agree to be publicly listed on the 5p4f website as having failed to comply, with an explanation of how (with the right of reply)

This will not stop everyone from threatening to sue, but it will act as a solid basis for defending the organisations actions which will be required to protect its brand and maintain the trust of customers. I dare say that a lawyer could make this kind of arrangement reasonably water tight.


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