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I believe that it should be of the highest priority to keep the costs of operating 5p4f to an absolute minimum. Everything we do should have this aim in mind. Therefore I would like to propose the following:

- Where ever possible, systems should be "self-serve" allowing the organisation to manage their own involvement. For instance, registration should be entirely automated (just like this forum) with a 5p4f administrator only having to check the validity of the organisation (looking up a business number, or identification) and confirming their accountant. Where possible even some of these tasks could be automated partly or fully

- All information should be maintained electronically in a central location to allow distributed access by 5p4f staff

- All systems should be integrated so that nothing should ever have to be double entered, or handled more than once by 5p4f staff

- Full use should be made of technology to give organisations who use the label the best possible support and service

- The organisation should operate open book accounting to help encourage this goal.


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